Episode 1 – Golf Carts of Confidence

In the first proper episode of Down and Safe, Michael, Liz, Scott, and Amal discuss the Blake in The Way Backfirst two episodes of Blake’s 7 – The Way Back and Space Fall – in a double-length episode.

We are very sorry about the demonic ice cream van.

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13 thoughts on “Episode 1 – Golf Carts of Confidence

  1. Hey everyone! As I am always looking for new podcasts to entertain me during my endless hours of child chauffeuring, when I heard Liz and Amal were joining forces with some dudes I don’t know (but looking forward to getting to know you!) I got very excited! So what I had never watched Blake’s 7 and had absolutely no idea what it was about? Amal will be there to be as ignorant and confused as I.

    I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed the three episodes I’ve watched. I liked the pace, the writing and the polical framework of the show. I’m an old activist, so I think fighting the establishment is something that I enjoy watching.

    So, thanks for putting together this podcast. I had a ton of fun listening to you all, especially since this is the first Explicit podcast I follow (kind of shoots the idea of listening with the child in the car, but what the hell). Very refreshing to just hear the f-bombs fall.

    I did want to add that my take on why the mind-memory thing with the computer didn’t work on Blake when he enters the Liberator was because the memory the computer chose was one Blake had already realized was false. But, as I have only watched the episode once, I may be way off the mark.

    Thanks again- record more soon!


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  3. I like the Federation gimp troopers flame blasters. No slower than light visible laser beams to dodge there. On the other hand I forgot the series was set after the great paint blight of 2020 had evaporated most of the coloured paint on Earth.

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  4. Hi, you have inspired me to do…a summer of Blakes 7, Yes I’ve reviewed all of the B7 from Big finish but here’s my smaller offering of my reviews of the stories covered here.

    i LOVE down and safe.

    cheers and thanks for the inspiration.

    [audio src="http://traffic.libsyn.com/tindog/TDP_489_BLAKES701_The_Way_Back1.mp3" /]


    [audio src="http://traffic.libsyn.com/tindog/TDP_491_BLAKES702_SpacefallThe_Way_Back1.mp3" /]



  5. Actually, I assumed that was why blake wasn’t fooled by the defense illusion all along: he hd been brainwashed so much that he had developed a resistance to it, and perhaps an ability to perceive when it was happening, This actually happens again in the series…

    What I don’t understand was the apparent allegory in blakes concerning the obvious socialist nature of the federation, and how it parallels the obvious orwell writings: the clear refusal to accept head on the idea that what nation was trying to say here that any government which is not directly accountable to it’s people INEVITABLY becomes corrupt, and inevitably treats them as expendable.

    The way back isn’t exactly subtle about this, either: the point is driven home over and over again. The most frightening aspect of The Way Back to me was that the federation maintains the facade of responsible government…until it becomes easier to liquidate any troublemaker than to tolerate their interference.

    Finally, the ‘paraguns’ in the first season of Blakes DO NOT go ‘pew pew’. They go , “PLORK”. I don’t understand how none of the people who were commenting on tis noticed that the guns here make the least threatening noise of possibly any weapon in scince fiction. It’ sounds like a suction cup coming off glass.

    Also, I don’t see how none of you noticed that the liberator bridge set wasn’t even finished: if you look carefully, you will notice the left half of it was a painted backdrop because they ran out of budget.


  6. The Way Back always seems long to me, but that’s probably because for a number of years back in the 1980’s I had to make do with the original VHS release, which cut it down to a mere fifteen minutes. That version actually worked very well ……

    Entertaining podcast by the way, and I’ll certainly be returning to sample later episodes.


  7. Just discovered your podcast and really looking forward to the adventure! I love Blakes 7 and own a region-free DVD player specifcly for watching Blakes 7 (and other goodies not available to North Americans). I’m currently introducing my sister to the show because I believe it doesn’t take anything but the ability to think to develop a taste for the show! Looking forward to listing to all the podcast episodes!


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