Episode 6 – Bad Oregon Trail Players

In the sixth episode of Down and Safe, Michael, Liz, Scott, and Amal discuss Mission to Destiny, the seventh episode of Blake’s 7, and manage to keep the recording to under an hour! They blame Terry Nation. Poor Terry Nation, and his dull, dull Mission to Destiny characters. Not even the prospect of Planet Mushroom could really save it.

This is a useful reminder that this podcast is very probably not safe for work, and may contain mild spoilers for the rest of the Blake’s 7 series throughout the episde (we keep major spoilers to a spoiler section of the podcast that we give warning is going to be particularly spoilery.)

Download Episode 6 or listen now:

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3 thoughts on “Episode 6 – Bad Oregon Trail Players

  1. I got the strangest looks on the bus as I was weeping with incompetently-suppressed laughter throughout this fortnight’s episode. I lost it at “Dudley Simpson bassooning away in the background” and never got it back.

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  2. And interesting about the Liberator as opposed to the federation ships: they seem to have to navigate by inputting commands into a computer, whereas Jenna appears to fly the liberator ‘by the seat of her pant’ , as it were.

    Considering that I’ve seen the actual control readouts at her station, they are remarkably rudimentary…so it’s a tribute to how good a pilot she is, that she can fly that ship with Atari 2600 level displays….


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