Episode 11 Delayed

Apologes to all our Down and Safe listeners, I’m afraid that Episode 11 of the podcast is going to be delayed until next Thursday due to technical difficulties. One of our podcasters is currently on an island that has strong feelings regarding some modern technology. On the bright side, however, this means there’ll be a new episode of Down and Safe for two weeks in a row.

Also, a massive thank you to our patreons for their support: your contributions mean there will be a rather jazzy five extra episodes of Down and Safe made (one at the end of each series looking back on that whole year, and a clips show of outtakes/cut material/ridiculousness we accidently said – these episodes are also ‘free’, in that they are in addition to our regular Patreon-supported episodes). If you want to support the podcast and nudge us towards a special Timelash episode, our Patreon is here.

And thank you to everyone for listening! It’s rather wonderful that so many people are still so interested in this fabulous old British show that we love, and we shall be back very soon!


2 thoughts on “Episode 11 Delayed

  1. Love this podcast a lot! Must ask though, have you considered getting other presenters on who know the series- perhaps other podcasters who also enjoy B7?


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