Episode 17 – Top Quality Military Guy

Welcome to the seventeenth episode of Down and Safe, where Michael, Liz, Scott, and Amal embark on a discussion of the fourth episode of season two, Pressure Point, wherein we mourn the passing of Gan. Poor Gan! Farewell!

This is a useful reminder that this podcast is very probably not safe for work, and may contain mild spoilers for the rest of the Blake’s 7 series throughout the episode (we keep major spoilers to a spoiler section of the podcast that we give warning is going to be particularly spoilery.)

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3 thoughts on “Episode 17 – Top Quality Military Guy

  1. #HamilWho is actually an official thing. In the Titan Dr Who comics story ‘The Long Con’ Lin-Manuel Miranda makes a guest appearance. Two, Ten & 11 are all badgering him to get tickets to Hamilton. They give up and go back in time to the Constitutional Convention instead. Lin-Manuel retroactively approved it.
    Loving the Podcast btw. I’m just about to introduce my girlfriend to the joy that is Blakes7. You folks are helping me through this difficult time.


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