Episode 21 -Sublimated Male Lust & Atomic Weapons

Yes, we are back, after a tremendous hiatus, our apologies. If you’d like to hear more about why that happened, there are sixteen whole minutes of explanation in this very podcast! If you’d like to skip onto the bit where we actually talk about Blake’s 7, it starts at 16:30 approximately.

Welcome to the twenty-first episode of Down and Safe, where Michael, Liz, Scott, and Amal embark on a discussion of the eighth episode of season two, Countdown.

This is a useful reminder that this podcast is very probably not safe for work, and may contain mild spoilers for the rest of the Blake’s 7 series throughout the episode (we keep major spoilers to a spoiler section of the podcast that we give warning is going to be particularly spoilery.)

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2 thoughts on “Episode 21 -Sublimated Male Lust & Atomic Weapons

  1. I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet, but some excellent observations! For example, you mentioned the portrayal fascist government in B7 is more relevant now…and I can’t agree more:
    at the end of season 3, a corrupt , self serving president of the federation who is politically a fascist (That is, the federation government is based on leftist, socialist principles and is an authoritarian government that ignores the will and rights of it’s people). and was deposed by events that never happened before in history…leaving the audience to hope that new government will be less corrupt, or repeat the evil of the previous regime. That just happened to us here in the US in November!
    And further parallels: in season 4 the former revolutionaries became, essentially just looking to better themselves, with no cause left worth fighting for. That is happening too!
    I guess this this is more apparent to Us here, because this is our country and we actually know what is going on , and don’t live in a bubble of government controlled media under an empire.
    Because being an outside observer gives you a different perspective, doesn’t it?


  2. Welcome back Down and Safe! Happy New Year belated..
    Yes this is surely “Classic Blakes 7”, making the most with what they had to spend, with good acting and great script overall… i remember seeing this episode when i was about 12 or 13 years old seeing it on PBS Channel 12 in Phiadelphia around 1987, and being from then on hooked on the show, more than even Doctor Who.. It seemed to have a realism that when the “world is threatened to be destroyed”, it really could happen in this show! They could loose (again).
    Avons back story is more revealed than ever, certinly that is the best portion of this episode as they begin pealing off the layers of Avon, before he “”ohh , no spoilers””..


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