Season Two Wrap-Up

Ah, hello there!

Yes, we’re back. We are terrible people with no sense of time, and a bit rubbish at communication. We throw ourselves at your mercy.

But onwards! Today’s episode is the Season Two Wrap-Up, brought to you by the generosity of our fine Patreon sponsors as one of our Patreon goals. Tis almost two hours of Michael, Liz, Scott, and Amal listing the episodes of Season Two in order! And an excessive amount of time worrying about FIRE. Ahem. If you’d like to get straight to the Blake’s 7 stuff, you may want to fast forward to twelve minutes in.

So, here we go, prepare for much swervalans and servalanigans!

Download the Season Two Wrap-Up or listen now:

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14 thoughts on “Season Two Wrap-Up

  1. Y’all are clearly insane (Amal slightly less so). “Voice from the Past” is clearly #12, and you’re up to #11 and no one’s mentioned it yet?


  2. Great having you all back!

    I was avoiding the Consulting Orac before, but I couldn’t help myself and I watched the rest of the show! Now I can listen to the full episodes!

    A listener did some data analysis last time, so I figured I should help too…

    Here’s the rankings in aired order:

    Here’s from MOST popular to LEAST popular (roughly):

    And finally, here’s from MOST agreement to LEAST agreement:

    (sorry if I made any transcription errors, there)


  3. Another comment, Start of month so that means time for the Patreon bill, and once again D&S was not included. I guess this installment was a Bonus so didn’t count? I don’t mind giving you guys my meager pledge if it means getting content!


  4. A fun episode, although I was getting a little concerned for Michael’s blood pressure at some point. (Michael just accept that your co-hosts like to behave like Ensor and ramble off topic and you’ll feel a lot better).

    I’d love to hear you discuss the influence Blakes 7 has had on other shows in the genre, the obvious being Babylon 5.

    I’ve was very bemused when a Star Trek fan gave me a long lecture years ago about Blakes 7 stealing large parts of the set up of the Deep Space 9 mirror universe episodes. Apparently in the late 1990s DS9 thought up the idea of a powerful female baddie in a dramatic dress, her eyepatch wearing enforcer and her enemies who were criminals, all before Blakes 7 in 1978.


  5. 6 months since the last episode- sorry, I meant 7 months. Nary a word from anyone. It’s quite frustrating for those of us who are watching the episodes along with the podcast…. C’mon throw us a bone here please! Let us know what’s happening… Did Amal accidentally watch the rest of the series?


  6. My partner and I are re-watching Blake’s 7 for the umpteenth time, and I’ve been listening to your splendid podcast as I go. We have just started on series 2, and I’m alarmed at the prospect of tackling series 3 & 4 without you! Is there any chance that Down and Safe will be making a comeback? πŸ™‚


      • Hello.. Please try to make the “indefinite hiatus” end and please come back! I love your B7 Down and Safe Podcast and miss them so much!! You all are great and entertaining.. i set up a Patreon per episode but you guys havn’t charged me at all due to no episodes! Come back! Please?! -Craig from Philadelphia


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