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6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hello.. I am breathless with anticipation for your next Blakes7 podcast covering Redemption of course! Please if possible mention Gan who once again has a fight scene or 2 in which i guess his Limiter does not kick in if he is in his mind just “play fighting” and perhaps “not planning or intending to kill anyone, at least not on purpose”, but what if he accidently hits anyone too hard or throws them “accidently” over a ledge in that power station?–i mean in “thr system” of course!.. Thanks much!! Kind regards–Craig


  2. Loving the podcast.

    Did anyone mention on the last episode that the name Orac seems to be short for “oracle”? I can’t remember if any of you did, but I suddenly noticed that with Orac’s predictive power mentioned in its debut episode that seems to be where Terry Nation was going with that.


    • Our schedule has never been once a week. We are currently on haitus until May due to our schedules (apologies, I, Liz, neglected to make a blog post; it was tweeted and on FB). Making Down and Safe is something we do for fun in our spare time and, unfotunately, real life can get in the way.


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